Java History

Creators of Java

  • Chris Warth
  • Ed Frank 
  • Mike Sheridan

                   These Creators in the sun microsystem built java in 1991. It took them around 18 months to develop the first working version. The language was initially referred to as “OKA” but renamed “JAVA” IN 1995.  

                   Originally Java was designed for Interactive television, but this technology was very much advanced for the industry of digital cable television at that time. Java history started with the Green Team.

                   The Green Team started a project to develop a language for digital devices such as television. But it works best for internet programming. After some time Java technology was joined by Netscape.

                  The objective to create Java Programming Language was it should be “Simple, Robust, Portable, Platform-independent, Secured, High Performance, Multithreaded, Object-Oriented, Interpreted, and Dynamic”.

                  Java was called “Greentalk” by James Gosling and at that time the file extension was .gt.


How Java Name?

              Java is an island in Indonesia, here the first coffee was produced or what we call Java coffee. Java coffee is a type of espresso bean. James Gosling chose this name while having coffee near his office. The word JAVA does not have an acronym. It is just a name. In 1995 Java was one of the best product by the Time magazine.

Java Popularity

Java Popularity
The TIOBE programming language popularity index graph from 2002 to 2018. Java was steadily on the top from mid-2015 to early 2020.